Linear Actuators for Industrial Applications

3374 - Electric Actuator

Application: Electric Actuator for Plant Engineering and HVAC

Rated Travel: 15 to 30 mm

Available Thrust: Upto 2.5 kN

Options: Integrated Positioner, Limit Switches, Fail Safe Action

The Type 3374 electric actuator is designed for all industrial applications. This actuator is a linear motion device ideal for valve sizes ranging from micro-flow valves to 6" globe control valves.

The thrust output of the actuator for both extending stem and retracting stem is limited to a maximum depending on the exact model.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact and simple actuator design to fit perfectly with the compact and simple valve design
  • Easier to transmit power over longer distanced compared to pneumatic and hydraulic
  • Ideal for low ambient temperature applications
  • Motor switched off by torque-dependent limit switches to prevent overloading
  • Thrust up to 2.5 kN
  • Optionally with fail-safe action for version with electric override